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What is ANIMA?

ANIMA Blockchain provides digital certificates for luxury brand products, starting from the Italian design market. ANIMA’s mission is to guide its partner companies through the 3.0 technological revolution by leveraging blockchain technologies. The ANIMA platform empowers brand partners to directly engage with their final customers, enabling product traceability, warranty storage, and authentication.
Every ANMA digital certificate is forged and stored in blockchain as a unique NFT. ANIMA’s protocol provides authenticity, certification of origin and transparency on source raw materials of the final product. Furthermore, ANIMA’s digital certificate conveys the designer’s primordial idea by story telling the final creation
ANIMA has expertise in the Italian luxury design market, collaborating with the best-in-class brands while mentaining the industry’s high product standards. Each physical product has a unique cryptographically secure system (NFC. RFID, or QR-code) linked to its respective digital certificate.
Anima Platform offers a curated NFT marketplace dedicated exclusively to selected products from brand partners. Through the marketplace, customers can buy digital assets and redeem the underlying physical product, without the risk of counterfeits.
Users can store, collect and visualize their digital asset in their ANIMA personal account, without the need of third-party crypto wallets. Each users’s digital certificates, warranties and product information will be readily-available and never lost again!
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  • What is anima?
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Anima is an Italian innovative Start-ip founded by a visionary team that is fully committed in introducing users and companies in Web 3.0. We know blockchain can be used to maximize brand’s efficiency and to develop new strong market channels.

  • What is Web 3.0?
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Web 3.0 is the new generation of internet technologies based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and, particularly, blockchain. We are currently in a transaction period from Web 2.0 to 3.0. This new concept of web has lot of new features, such as, for the first time, the ownership of digital data, which is a disrupting concept in our point of view.

  • Which blockchain do you use?
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Anima is basing his technical infrastructure using an EVM blockchain, Polygon. However we are developing the infrastructure to integrate the XRP-Ledger when there will be the upgrade for EVM compatibility.

  • Do you directly work with brands?
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The first client of Anima are of course brands, which after signing the project participation, will be closely followed by the Anima team to develop the product that suite the brand’s necessity. Anima offers a 360° advice service about Web 3.0 and in order to do this there is the need to share with us a lot of information and to work in close contacts.

  • How can I buy NFT in Anima?
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To buy Anima NFT you will only need to register in our platform; you can buy NFT using credit card, PayPal or the most common crypto.
You will be able to withdraw you NFT into a wallet, such as Metamask, and to trade it into NFT DEX marketplace (opensea).

  • Can I redeem the original physical object?
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Absolutely! This is one of the most innovative side of our project. Every NFT brought through the Anima marketplace is redeemable, we will provide the same physical object connected to your NFT. The brand will take care of the shipping process directly to your house .