ANIMA means "soul" in latin, we are here to give a digital soul to objects, experiences and more. Our feather symbolizes the purity of the etheric energy that compose every single elements in this world.

Blockchain will soon become the digital Plato Hyperuranion of our society; a digital DNA where every information is stored, appreciated and valued.

About Us

ANIMA was conceived and founded thanks to a close relationship with some of the most recognized design figures in the italian market, who identified some problem in the specific sector, such as counterfeiting.

ANIMA Meaning

From the Latin ANIMA, feminine form of ANIMUS spirit as this logically conjoined to the greek ANEMOS wind - Principle of the life of every organized being; that part of ourselves which thinks and deliberates and which men did not know how to express by resorting to the ideas of breath, aura and wind which is often felt but not seen - SOUL -

We are here to give digital soul to objects, experiences and more.

Our philosophy

One of the most important moment in the lifecycle of a product is the concept behind the idea; usually a topic not fully perceived and with a lot of room for implementation. Every object has a story, a path that led it to become what is today, a SOUL that encompasses its lifecycle.

The “abstract” and the “concrete” part of the product making are, most of the time, considered two distincted process, when they are completely not. In fact these two aspects work in a parallel way to obtain the final result. There is no one without the other.

Marco Troja

CEO & Co-Founder

Marco is an Agile results oriented consultant with 7+ years experience in providing business strategy and data analysis to boost companies’ efficiency. He managed different company software during his experience such as; Oracle, Salesforce, IBM SPSS, Watson, Cognos and many more. He studied finance in the UCSC of Milan and he operate in financial markets from more than 6+ years.

Riccardo Sattin

Business Developer & Co-Founder

Riccardo is a web3 passionate with a background in the automotive sector. After his graduation in Economics in the Bocconi University in Milan He worked as a developer for Cupra providing new strategy to implement the business He has close connection to the design and corporate world thanks to the family businesses.

Antonio Rossetti


Antonio is constantly building the ANIMA’s architecture and he’s providing the technical skills to develop all the software upgrade.

Antonio has more than 13 years experience in software developing for web platform; he has worked on Kibag, Ladurner, Flashmac, Living future Europe.

Matteo Marica

Consultant and PMO

Matteo Marica supports ANIMA with initiatives linked to digital transformation and sustainability.His main experience is in the banking sector, with Crédit Agricole, Intesa and Nexi.

Matteo has completed his studies at Rizzoli Corriere della Sera Academy, with a Master in Business Administration. Graduated in Management at LIUC University, which course is in partnership with Harvard Business School.

Daniele Bartoli

Legal Advisor

Daniele Bartoli is an Associate at the Italian Law Firm “Gatti Pavesi Bianchi”; specifically in the M&A and Corporate Law department.

Experience as Secondee within the Maire Tecnimont S.p.A. Group Corporate Affairs, Governance & Compliance Department.

Riccardo Castagna

Full stack developer & Data master

Riccardo has developed the architecture and some implementation to optimize the platform.

He has an experience of more than 30 years in software development and he won also different prizes for best coding solutions. He created different software for many brand such as customized CSM and CRM.

Niccolò Semerari

Advisor and corporate developer

Niccolò's main experience is in the banking sector working for Rotshild and Co, Bank of America and Alpha group.

Niccolò has completed his studies at Bocconi University in economics and then he completed a Master of science in the Frankfurt school of finance.


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